Carrot juice, nature’s healthy cordial

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If you’re looking for something healthy to drink, instead of the standard eight glasses of water a day, reach for a glass of carrot juice. One cup of carrot juice contains just 80 calories and is filled to the brim with many of the vitamins and minerals your body needs to digest during the day including vitamin A, potassium, vitamin C, vitamin E and a range of B vitamins. It’s nature’s way of giving you something delicious to drink while also watching your health.



Boost your digestive system


Carrot juice made from 100% fresh carrots like Rugani’s carrot juice, keeps your body performing in tip-top condition with a range of life-enhancing benefits. By drinking carrot juice 20 minutes before a meal, you stimulate your body’s digestive juices to aid digestion. The vital organic alkaline elements in carrots help balance the blood acidity and blood sugar and the soluble fibre in carrots can benefit your digestive organs in many ways.



Carrots against cancer


Carrot juice contains high levels of carotenoids which have been associated with a decrease of 20% in postmenopausal breast cancer. Some studies on the benefits of carrot juice have also shown a 50% decrease in larynx, colon, prostate, cervix and bladder cancer. Other studies into carrot juice’s life-saving benefits reveal it’s also beneficial in fighting lung cancer. Researchers believe this is due to the high levels of xanthophyll, gamma-carotene, lycopene, lutein and alpha-carotene that are found in carrots.



Inhale the goodness


Carrot juice not only assists in preventing lung cancer, it’s great at promoting general lung health including protecting the respiratory system from the risk of infection and helping to counter the unhealthy side effect of smoking. The reason for this, is carrot juice is very rich in vitamin A, which helps reduce the risk of emphysema – one of the biggest risks for smokers.



Feel good and look great


Carrot Juice does wonders for your general health and looks. Vitamin A deficiencies usually cause dry skin, hair and nails. Carrot Juice is rich in vitamin A and also encourages high vitamin A production, helping to solve these problems. Fresh carrot juice is a great (and delicious) way to detoxify your system – particularly the liver. So after that office party – reach for a re-invigorating glass of carrot juice, you’ll feel a lot better. It’ll also help to keep your energy levels constant during the day by regulating your blood sugar. And when you get to the evening, the high levels of beta-carotene and lutein will protect your vision. Yes, eating carrots really do help you to see better!



Carrot Juice – protecting the next generation


Drinking carrot juice during pregnancy is very beneficial. It helps reduce the chances of your baby being born with jaundice and helps with water retention by removing excess fluids from your body. Drinking carrot juice while nursing your baby also enhances the quality and quantity of your milk, ensuring your baby gets all its vitamins.



Rugani Carrot Juice – the healthy choice


Not all carrot juice is created equal. At Greenway Farms, a carrot is not a mere vegetable. It’s a vegetable we’re extremely passionate about. For us, only the best carrots will do and we work hard to ensure our Rugani carrots meet our very high standards.


We work from the ground up with our own enriched organic compost, which nurtures our carrots as they take seed and grow. Once we are 100% happy with the quality of our carrots, we harvest them at sunset and by the very same evening they are juiced and sealed away. The result? Great tasting juice made from the 100% Rugani carrot quality you know and love.


Click here to read more about our 100% pure carrot juice.


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