Introducing the Rugani Ginger Punch – this unbeatable natural boost packed with fresh carrots & ginger is preservative free, with no added water or sugar and it is not made from concentrate. It’s not just a juice, it’s a powerhouse of natural vitality.


Experience the heart of innovation with Greenway Inside, it’s our way of transforming fresh vegetables and fruit into a beverage that makes the natural life force nutrients more bio-available for your body to absorb.


With carrots and ginger’s low acid content the Ginger Punch is your secret weapon against inflammation and reflux.

 Rugani Juice speaks the language of your body fluently which is why your lifespan and quality of health is nurtured with every sip, it is all with the aim to improve your healthspan. Endorsed by the National Fresh Produce Markets, CANSA, Halal, Kosher, this juice is 100% nutrient dense without pretence.