Simonnne Fourie on Rugani Juice and why it is a superior product

Rugani Juice is not just another juice on the shelf; it represents a commitment to quality and health that is rare in today’s market. What sets Rugani apart is its unique production process, where the juice is extracted directly from fresh vegetables, ensuring that it retains a higher nutrient content compared to other juices that are often made from concentrate.

Beetroot for Runners

Beetroot has emerged as a potent ally for athletes seeking to enhance their performance naturally. Packed with essential nutrients and unique compounds, beetroot offers a plethora of benefits that can boost endurance, improve recovery, optimize overall athletic performance and enhance health span. One of the key benefits of beetroot lies in its high nitrate content. [...]

Health Benefits of Beta Carotene

Beta carotene, deriving its name from the Latin word for ‘carrot’, is a powerful antioxidant. It is a provitamin A carotenoid or a nutrient that the body easily converts into vitamin A for us. Beta carotene can be sourced from vibrant, colourful red, orange and yellow fruits and vegetables (and some leafy greens!)

Maximizing Health Span: Quality Over Quantity

We see it all around us, people are living longer than before, human lifespans (how long we live) are increasing. Longevity and the quest for a longer life are becoming commonly discussed concepts. In humans, our lifespan is dependent on genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors, with genetic components contributing about 20–25%, and lifestyle playing a [...]

Visionary farming –Together… Farming for the Future

In 1995 Greenway Farms was on the verge of bankruptcy. Greenway Farms were paying 30% of our turnover to wages and therefore were running at a loss. Workers were only earning R31 per day. It was a lose-lose situation and there was something wrong.   “We were planting 25 different lines of vegetables and doing [...]

Our Unique agro-processing

Rugani Juice’s secret ingredient is its freshness. Rugani promotes a lifestyle that encapsulates health and nutrition. By believing that it starts with practising sustainable farming through innovation and by marrying man and machine, they ensure the best processes are used to lead the industry.   With our unique agro-processing setup, we can process the juice […]

Revolutionary Carrot Juice

As the leaders in carrot agriculture in South Africa, we took it upon ourselves to innovate in the agro-processing space. At the time of harvest, every good farmer ends up with a certain percentage of the crop that is not visually appealing enough to sell, but still perfectly nutritious. Rugani Juice transforms this “not-so-perfect'' fresh [...]

Natural Farming

On Greenway Farms, we believe in farming with nature, not against it.   Rehabilitation of the lands & Soil health   To ensure the sustainability of our farm, we rotate the carrot crops. Once harvested, the land needs to regenerate for 3 years and we work hard at promoting the micro life in the soils [...]

Our Founders

The Legacy   We are stewards of a legacy and not owners of a farm. We are rooted in the firm belief that ultimately our provision comes from God and all belongs to Him.   Each generation must strive to enhance the legacy of the next generation – it does not belong to anyone; it [...]

Colourful Nutrition from Mother Nature

Colour plays a vital role in our everyday diet, especially when we are composing a healthy, balanced diet for our children. Nature has a beautiful way of ensuring we consume all the essential micronutrients (your vitamins and minerals) by using colour. The key is to consume a variety in colour of fruits and vegetables to [...]

Add natural colour & nutrition to your recipes

Special occasions seem to call for brightly coloured foods. Birthday cakes and colourful candy, holiday cookies and Easter eggs are …

Make your food SUPER!

No single food can offer all the nutrition, health benefits, and energy we need to nourish ourselves.

Artificial colourants and your health

There’s a saying: “‘Like a kid in a candy shop”, and when it comes to colourful food, we are all like kids in a candy shop.

You’re Sweet Enough – The dangers of added sugar and sweeteners

If you’ve ever been hangry, raise your hand! The strange sensation of hunger and anger combined is brought about by sugar cravings…

Your Heart Matters No Matter Your Age

If you’re anything like I was in my 20’s, you associate heart disease with old age. I believed heart disease is only something of concern…

Have a Happy Healthy Valentine’s Day

It’s no secret that coming up with some great Valentine’s Day ideas can be pretty stressful. Finding a gift, a great idea for a date…

Heart health benefits of Beetroot

Have you ever noticed how beetroots share an uncanny resemblance to the heart? With its shape, red coloured flesh and veiny leaves.

Go plant-based this January with #Veganuary

As a ProVeg partner, Rugani Juice supports the Veganuary campaign. Our veggie extracts are great to include in a vegan diet, we have a wide range of veggie and fruit juices, it makes reaching your 5 servings per day so convenient!

What’s in Your Food?

There was a time in my life where I thought I was doing a good job at being healthy. I was counting calories, I forced myself to work out every day

Cost-Effective Family Lunchbox Solutions

There is SO much you can do to eat your way to better health. But, to be honest I always had this passing dark thought

Nourish, don’t punish!

I used to get tempted to punish myself with a strict detox at the beginning of the year, filled with strange teas and deprivation

My Healthy(er) Festive Table

The festive season is upon us and every year we overindulge.  Which we should as it usually only comes around once a year!

ZZ2 100% Romanita Tomato Juice CANSA.

What distinguishes ZZ2 100% Romanita Tomato Juice from other similar brands is that it’s not made from concentrate.

Tips for healthy eating with Diabetes

Diabetics can enjoy a variety of foods as long as they are included as part of a carbohydrate-controlled meal-plan.

ZZ2 100% Romanita Tomato Juice

What comes to mind when you hear “tomato”? Delicious salad bursting with red juicy tomatoes, or a warm traditional Napolitana pasta with hints of fresh basil.

Let’s Talk Male Health – Adrian Penzhorn

As we dust off the cobwebs of inactivity and comfort eating through Winter (and lockdown), we start focusing on exercise and nutrition.

Rugani Braai Day Recipes 2020!

Every year, on the 24th of September, as South Africans we celebrate our roots – we reflect on the past, our history and our struggles.

Fighting Food Waste One Rugani Juice at a time

Food security is a global concern & many organisations are looking for ways to reduce food wastage. Greenway Farms’ efforts in combatting food waste…

Rugani 100% Zobo infused Beetroot Juice Blend

Zobo, more commonly known as Hibiscus sabdariffa, is widely known for its beautiful pink flower. Originating from Africa

Foods to reduce your risk of Cancer

Even though many factors may impact your cancer risk, eating the right foods and avoiding others play a large role.

Rugani Pure 100% Carrot Juice

What makes our 100% Rugani Carrot Juice even more special is that the carrots are farmed close to where the juice is extracted.

Do carrots really improve your vision?

The idea that eating carrots could improve your vision, originates from a myth, but that doesn’t mean it’s untrue.

Bunny Rabbit Themed Lunchbox

Hop, skip and jump! We all know how busy our little bunnies can be. Packing a lunchbox gives you peace of mind about your child’s nutrition.

Ocean Themed Lunchbox by Bento Munchies SA

Like the creatures in the ocean, kids are all colourful, interesting and unique in their own way. Brighten up their day and help them learn about sea life.

Space Themed Lunchbox by Bento Munchies

The correct food portions can have a big impact on your little astronaut’s health. Start their daily journey with a healthy and exciting bento lunch box .

6 Healthy Foods Every Women Should Eat

A woman’s nutritional needs changes with her changing body through the different life stages- from toddler years to adolescence.

#BuildABetterLunchBox by Caylin Goodchild

Packing lunchboxes for about 200 days a year can take its toll! We run out of ideas, we get un-eaten lunches rePacking lunchboxes for about 200 days.

Rugani Juice awarded CANSA Smart Choice Seal

Rugani Vegetable juices have been awarded the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) Seal of Recognition signifying these juices as a CANSA Smart Choice.

Feature: Turmeric Infused Carrot Juice

Most know turmeric as a spice used in curries and dishes, but behind this golden root lies more than just exotic flavour.

Your Health from the Inside & Out

Fruit and vegetables are rich dietary sources of various immune-protective substances such as fibre, folate, vitamins

Loving Father’s Day Gift Ideas

A Father’s Day gift may require some thought, especially for the more mature individuals, as self-made crafts are perhaps, not quite as cute as they used to be.

Rugani 100% Ginger infused Carrot Juice

Another superfood, not to be overlooked, is the humble carrot. Initially harvested for its medicinal properties,

A Nutritious Essential Food Parcel

While we are always called upon to support those in need, the increased hunger that South Africans are experiencing

Our Mothers, we salute you!

A mother is sometimes soft and gentle, other times powerful and persistent, but whatever she does, it is all for the sake of her children.

Rugani 100% Green Juice

The Rugani 100% Green Juice is a powerful juice containing superfood ingredients such as fresh cucumber, pineapple, celery, ginger and moringa.

#EatGreen: Simple Tips for Plant-Based Eating

With sustainable food consumption on the rise, eating plant-based is currently one of the biggest food trends in the world. More than just a fashion,

Mothers Day Ideas during Lockdown

We’re a few days away from our first Mother’s Day and we thought we’d help you come up with ways to make her day extra special.

Good hygiene when washing fresh produce

We have consulted some trusted sources and there are no special guidelines by any organisation for how to wash fruit and vegetables in light of the pandemic.

International Carrot Day

It’s the 4th of April which means it’s International Carrot Day!   Carrot day was founded in 2003 to teach people about the healthy attributes of carrots. Carrot lovers around the world celebrate by eating and drinking everything with carrots.   Carrots have a remarkable history which can be traced back over 5000 years. They were […]

Good Nutrition and Our Youth

A healthy child is a happy child, which should make healthy eating top of the priority list for our families. Children are naturally energetic and lively.

Rugani ABC Juice 2020 Launch

ABC Juice is not a new concept amongst juicers around the world. It has been known as a beneficial juice blend for quite some time.

Rugani COVID 19 Statement:

As a family-owned business, Greenway Farms’ responsibility to our community and nation guides every action & decision we make daily.

Limited Rugani 100% Cloudy Apple Juice

Joining their existing range of vegetable juices, Rugani 100% Cloudy Apple Juice is more than just your everyday juice.

Rugani Juice featured in

Our new Rugani Juice flavours are featured in, the go-to news site for your cycling and fitness-related news.

Fighting inflammation one juice at a time

We recently added even more natural goodness to our veggie juice family by blending fresh turmeric root with Rugani carrots.

Let Food Be Your Medicine

The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine, or the slowest form of poison

Five combinations of carrot juice

Well, according to several good sources and research out there on the benefits of carrots, we should be.

Feed a hungry South African on 90c

Let’s face it, South Africa is rooted in a deeply complicated past marred by staggering unemployment. Poverty-stricken households.

Fresh adventures by adding Rugani Juice

Our innovative extraction process, pasteurisation and aseptic packaging enable a natural 12 month shelf life at ambient.

Red is for recovery – Beetroot Juice

There is no substitute for self-discipline, customised training and precision nutrition when it comes to endurance sport.

Relational Extracts – Ginger

or palates that are new to veggie extract tastes, the Carrot & Pineapple juice is an ideal way to introduce the goodness into your diet.

Heart Matters – Valentine’s Day

In the month where the spotlight is on hearts, we would like to highlight the benefits of a superfood veggie in its extracted form, beetroot juice.

New Year’s Lunchbox Resolutions

We know that we need to excersise and eat more healthy. We also know, from previous years’ new year’s resolution experience.

Healthy Holidays

The great investment you made into healthy living this year does not have to be undone by holiday refreshments. Make Rugani Juice your go-to summer drink.

Beta-Carotene Benefits for Your Summer Skin

Carrot juice contains high levels of beta-carotene which the body uses to make Vitamin A. This is especially important during the summer months.

News release: Pioneering the next health revolution

Rugani Juice captures the life force of their own daily harvested carrots, and extracts them into a 100% juice within four hours.

Global Insights from SIAL, Paris

We attended SIAL in Paris in October this year, a global trade show also referred to as the world’s largest food innovation exhibition.   One of the trends we noticed while introducing the Rugani Juice goodness on world stage, was that there is a general global shift to more healthy and natural food options. Craft […]

Ride from Rugani – A Family Heritage Day

We had over 120 cyclists participate in the Ride from Rugani this Heritage Day, as well as 50 family members.

Why you should drink Beetroot Juice.

Recently beetroot has been promoted to the status of ‘superfood’. Beets are one of the healthiest foods that you can juice.

Carrot Juice Improves DNA Damage in Smokers

Researchers proved that DNA damage was significantly reduced in the group that consumed the carrot juice.

What is the Difference: Carrot Juice vs. fruit juice?

Rugani has created a series of videos in order to explain the benefits of our Carrot Juice. In chapter 1 of this series…

Rugani 100% Pure Carrot Juice

Rugani 100% Carrot Juice has: No Added Sugar – No Added Preservatives – No Added Water.

Get your carrot juice today! Where?

Where can I buy Rugani Carrot Juice? Glad you asked: Get Your Rugani Carrot Juice today at the following stores.

What is so different about Rugani Carrot Juice?

The value of a carrot juice is how much of its “life-Force” is going to be available to your body’s digestive system. 

Carrot juice’s amazing cancer-fighting properties

It is generally agreed that one of the main factors leading to cancer in the human body is an acidic pH. Fortunately we are able to manipulate this factor and actively work to prevent and control cancer.

Carrot juice improves digestion

Carrot juice improves digestion by stimulating the digestive juices. Just drink carrot juice 20 minutes before eating a meal. It also reduces inflammation.

Carrot juice, nature’s healthy cordial

If you’re looking for something healthy to drink, instead of the standard eight glasses of water a day, reach for a glass of carrot juice.

Rugani Carrots is building a South African juice plant

Greenway Farms, the largest carrot producer in South Africa, will start marketing their own carrot juice under the well-known brand Rugani from August.