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On Greenway Farms, we believe in farming with nature, not against it.


Rehabilitation of the lands & Soil health


To ensure the sustainability of our farm, we rotate the carrot crops. Once harvested, the land needs to regenerate for 3 years and we work hard at promoting the micro life in the soils and we do everything possible to protect the microfauna and flora on our farms. We develop our compost to ensure our carrots are treated and nurtured in a “green” way and to ensure the best nutritional results.


All our production lands have a rehabilitation period where a completely natural process is used to bring the soil health back to its natural status. Greenway Farms work on a three-year cycle. For six months the carrots will be planted and grown and the other 30 months the land is being rehabilitated.


We use non-cash crops and natural vegetation, such as rowing wheat, mustard, barley, and sorghum as well as compost, to allow the micro life in the soil and the structure of the soil to be repaired back to its natural status.


Harvesting & Golden Hour Life Force


Farming with Nature does not stop once the fresh produce is harvested. It relies on an understanding of fresh produce, and how you as a farmer can contribute to getting the best quality produce in consumers’ hands.


A carrot is a highly perishable fresh product with high nutritional value, this makes the cold chain very important, to ensure the carrot stays fresher for longer and none of its nutritional value is lost. At Greenway Farms, we apply a philosophy called the “Golden Hour”. The Golden Hour is a philosophy that Greenway Farms and Rugani Juice live by.


The Golden Hour is the critical first hour of initial cooling after the carrot has been harvested. Once the carrots are harvested, they are sent to the pack-house where they are sent through the washing, brushing, and sorting process.


Here the carrots are force cooled with water to just above freezing. The carrots are graded according to their quality. They are then packaged into the necessary packaging to ensure that the consumer gets the best quality that money can buy. Once the carrots have gone through the full process it is dispatched within 24 hours, on the very same day that they were removed from the lands.


Our carrots are distributed to national markets and wholesalers across South Africa, as well as neighbouring countries. Greenway farms possess a structured and highly dedicated management team that pursues the challenge of producing the best carrot for the market.


So, what sets us apart?


The energy put into growing the best carrot on the market, keeping to the golden hour, and never breaking the cold chain is what makes it possible for Greenway Farms to give you the best carrot money can buy.


We as a team at Greenway farms are committed to continually improving whatever we do and to continue investing in our infrastructure to assure that our customers will get the best for generations to come.

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