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It is the humble carrot that lies at the root of our story and the real hero of our extraordinary root extraction process. The carrot is not as timid and ordinary as many may assume but rather a powerhouse of a root, initially used for its wonderful medicinal properties. 1 Most of these can be ascribed to a wonderful antioxidant called beta-carotene, where studies have shown it to be somewhat of a miracle component that may act as a cancer preventative, immunity enhancer, vision restorer2, brain, skin and lung health contributor3, and reducer of muscle degeneration3.


However, getting access to these high levels of beta-carotene within a carrot is an extremely difficult task. It requires the carrot’s sturdy cell walls to be broken down, which, before our root extraction process, had not yet been done without the addition of assisting chemicals.


It was Vito Rugani, the CEO of Rugani Juice, who believed that there must be a way to create a pure root extraction (without preservatives, added sugars or chemicals) that could maintain and enhance the healing properties of a carrot, without compromising it.


After years of research and travelling the world, he and a professor from Italy developed the very first, large scale, root extraction process that led to our deliciously nutritious 100% Rugani Carrot Juice.


What makes our 100% Rugani Carrot Juice even more special is that the carrots are farmed close to where the juice is extracted, capturing something we like to call “golden hour life force”. This life force is something that makes a root vegetable unique as it is designed to sprout life, which means that it is packed with lots of valuable nutrition. By harvesting and extracting the carrots within a day, we ensure that the maximum of this life force energy is captured and sealed away for you to benefit and enjoy – “harvested at sunrise, juiced and bottled by sunset”.



How does the juice have a 12-month shelf-life?


The answer is simple, a very smart processing and packaging solution. Our unique Rugani process captures that remarkable freshness in aseptic, long-life packaging which acts as a time-capsule. It can be stored, unopened, at an ambient temperature for 12 months, which makes nutrition more convenient than ever before. When the protective seal is opened, the juice needs to be refrigerated and consumed within 3 days, as it is preservative-free.


Each 330ml and 750ml contains only the freshest vegetable extracts (not made from concentrate and not diluted with water), with no preservatives and no added sugar.

Rugani Juice is | Preservative free | Not from concentrate | Has no added sugar | No added water



Where can I buy the juice?


Our whole range is available at Food Lover’s Market stores and Dis-Chem Pharmacies nationwide, as well as selected Spar, Checkers, Pick ‘n Pay, and other independent retailers. Alternatively, you can now order cases of 10 through our NEW Online Shop!





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