Rugani Braai Day Recipes 2020!

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Every year, on the 24th of September, as South Africans we celebrate our roots – we reflect on the past, our history and our struggles, but we also embrace our rich, vibrant & diverse cultures, beliefs and traditions. What better way to do this than around a braai!


This day is also commonly known as National Braai Day. Jan Braai (real name Jan Scannell) is the man behind the National Braai Day initiative. Jan Braai started the National Braai Day initiative in 2005 and his aim is to create a national celebration of the one activity all South Africans have in common, regardless of race, language, gender or wealth: cooking over a fire.


Just like our beautiful country, our Rugani Braai Day spread will be a colourful and vibrant mix celebrating different cultures, aromatic flavours and good food. All of our recipes incorporate our fresh produce and veggie juices, made from our locally grown roots, in turn celebrating our own heritage:


Veggie Skewers with a Rugani Carrot & Pineapple Marinade



Braai-Roasted Rugani Carrots with a Beetroot Butter Bean Hummus



Chickpea Koftas with a Spicy ZZ2 Tomato Salsa



Chicken Thigh Skewers with Rugani Pineapple Marinade



Beef Potjie with Cheddar Dumplings & Roasted Pumpkin Slices



Spicy Tomato Sheba with ZZ2 Tomato Juice




We love South Africa, our Rainbow Nation, and on this day we look towards the future with hope, faith and a promise of new beginnings.

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