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Joining their existing range of vegetable juices, Rugani 100% Cloudy Apple Juice is more than just your everyday juice. Just like the rest of the Rugani Juice range, freshness is their secret ingredient. Their 100% Cloudy Apple Juice is unique in that it is made from fresh produce (not from concentrate).


In South Africa, apples are only harvested during a limited period. From this, in-season harvest, fresh apples are used to create the very first, long life cloudy apple juice from a single origin. Each unique batch is marked with a golden stamp indicating the year in which it is harvested. This makes the Rugani 100% Cloudy Apple Juice Batch 2020, a Limited Edition, with only one batch available to enjoy every year.



Rugani 100% Cloudy apple Juice


Unique agro-processing promotes freshness and no wastage


You may ask, why would a vegetable juice company produce an Apple juice? The answer is simple, to support a fellow farmer, of course!


At the time of harvest, every good farmer ends up with a certain percentage of the crop that is not aesthetically pleasing enough to sell, but still perfectly nutritious. As the leaders in carrot agriculture in SA, Rugani took it upon themselves to innovate in the agro-processing space to transform this “not-so-perfect” fresh produce, that could have ended up as waste further down the value chain, into a highly bio-available nutraceutical that’s accessible and affordable.


With their unique agro-processing set-up, they process the juice close to where the fresh produce is grown. The apples, like most of Rugani Juice’s other fresh ingredients, come from a neighbouring farm who also have a certain percentage of their crop that is not aesthetically pleasing enough to sell.


On the day of harvest, the apples are transferred from the farm to the juicing facility, where the juice is extracted and aseptically packaged within one day. This enables them to produce a superior quality product that is made with fresh apples that are harvested at sunrise, juiced and packed by sunset. When opening the specially designed pack, you get to enjoy the freshness as if you had picked it yourself.


The innovative Rugani juicing process ruptures 95% of plant cells, making the full nutritional benefits of any veggie or fruit more bio-available to your body. It contains no added sugar and is preservative-free. It is also naturally gluten-free, naturally dairy-free and vegan friendly.



Rugani Juice is | Preservative free | Not from concentrate | Has no added sugar | No added water


This deliciousness can be enjoyed in two different pack sizes, an on-the-go 330ml, as well as a family size 750ml. Rugani 100% Cloudy Apple Juice will be available nationwide at Food Lover’s Market stores from end-February. It will also be available at Dis-Chem Pharmacies nationwide, as well as selected Pick ‘n Pay, Checkers, Spar and other independent retailers by end-March.


Great taste – Great for you! That’s the Rugani promise.



About Rugani Juice: 


Rugani Juice is located on Greenway Farm – owned by fourth-generation farmer, Vito Rugani, and third-generation farmer, Vincent Sequeira. They believe in honest and transparent farming and owe much to their success to investing in the relationship they have with their staff, suppliers and consumers.


Rugani Juice is the only root or fruit juice extracted within a few hours of harvest. Their state-of-the-art processing plant is the only one of its kind in the world, which helps them produce high-quality nutritional juices. Their juice range consists of a variety of flavours with subsequent health benefits.


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