Mothers Day Ideas during Lockdown

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We’re a few days away from our first Mother’s Day and we thought we’d help you come up with ways to make her day extra special during this tough time and show her how much she is valued.


If you are lucky enough to live on the same property or under the same roof as your mom, you can spoil her in person, if not, you can still show her your appreciation remotely. These ideas call for some thinking, a bit of creativity, some effort, and lots of love:



Breakfast in bed

Let her sleep in and awake your mother, wife, or grandmother with a delicious breakfast in bed. Try these easy to make Rugani Carrot Flapjacks made with our 100% Turmeric Infused Carrot Juice. You can get creative by adding toppings you know mom will love!



At-Home Pampering

Every mom loves to be pampered! Let her unwind with an at-home spa treatment – anything from a relaxing bath, a much-needed pedicure or hair treatment, a facial & home-made mask to a massage is great. With all the salons closed for lockdown, she will welcome this idea with open arms!


Add a special touch with these home-made Lavender Bath Salts, which can double as a rejuvenating scrub during the pampering. This is a great activity for dad and the kids as well, not only are your children learning how to give to others, they are also learning how to follow instructions and get creative with ordinary ingredients.


Treat her to a refreshing Rugani Juice, rich in antioxidants, after her treatments!



Handmade gifts


Nothing says “special” like a personalised Mother’s Day Card & a hand-made gift, like this beautiful Candle Holder. Both of these also make great educational and bonding activities for children as well.



Dining In


It’s time to put those quarantine recipes to the test and give your mom a break in the kitchen. Little additions to dinner time like place settings, flowers from the garden and some candles that might make a normal dinner at home, feel more like you’re dining out at her favorite restaurant. We have added some delicious easy-to-prepare (and healthy) recipes to our blog, made with everyday ingredients and perfect comfort food for these Autumn evenings. Try this Chicken, Sweet Potato & Black Bean Chilli with Carrot juice and end it off with a mouth-watering Carrot Mug Cake.



Virtual Celebration


If you’re apart this Mother’s Day, gather your family and your devices and have a virtual celebration!


Just because you can’t be together doesn’t mean you can’t see each other. There are so many great ways to connect virtually during this time. Take advantage of them to spend some quality time together.



Order a gift online


Many retailers offer online shopping during this time, even though it might not be a “luxury” gift – an essential gift delivered to her door will still show your mom how much she means to you.



However, you choose to spoil your mom or mother-figure this Mother’s Day, it’s the thought that counts and she will know that she is loved and cherished.



“A mother’s happiness is like a beacon, lighting up the future but reflected also on the past in the guise of fond memories.” —Honore de Balzac



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