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April in South Africa is the month of long-weekends. Hopefully, you have some well-deserved rest and a few adventures planned.


If you are traveling for an extended time into an area with limited access to supermarkets, the challenge might be to find fresh fruit and vegetables.


This can now easily be overcome by adding Rugani Juice to your long-weekend shopping list.


Being both the farmer and processor enables us to harvest our carrots at sunrise, and package our juice by sunset. This secures the freshness. No sugar, no water and no preservatives are added. On the day of harvest, our veggies are transferred on a conveyor belt from farm to facility, extracted and packaged as a 100% natural juice.


Our innovative extraction process, pasteurisation and aseptic packaging enable a natural 12 month shelf life at ambient. While some argue that pasteurisation kills nutrients, the impressive nutritional information demonstrated on each carton of Rugani Juice is evidence that this is not the case.


Take us with you on your adventures this April to make sure your family’s diet stays fresh.


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