New Year’s Lunchbox Resolutions

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One of the areas in our lives that really does deserve a new year’s resolution, with a sustainable action plan, is our health.


We know that we need to excersise and eat more healthy. We also know, from previous years’ new year’s resolution experience, how challenging that gets when schedules pick up, and life-demands push personal priorities to the side.


An easy win is to make one simple lunchbox resolution. Add an affordable staple buy to your grocery list that has nutraceutical (food that heals) integrity.


Rugani Juice one of the richest natural sources of beta-carotene on the South African market to date.


Beta-carotene supports cancer mitigation and is the most effective natural preventative discovered to date. The human body absorbs its rarest variant, cis-beta-carotene most efficiently, but only 2% to 4% of the total beta-carotene available in veggies is cis-beta-carotene.


The world-first Rugani extraction process ruptures 95% of veggie cells, optimising the nutritional content of the juice. The Rugani process converts trans-beta-carotene into cis-beta-carotene, making the extracted juice the richest source of this rare, sought-after goodness.


The process, along with the unparalleled freshness, makes Rugani Juice a nutritionally superior product and a true nutraceutical.


Make sure to add this convenient goodness to your lunchbox in 2019!


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