Healthy Holidays

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The great investment you made into healthy living this year does not have to be undone by holiday refreshments. Make Rugani Juice your go-to summer drink. No sugar, no water and no preservatives are added.


So much of what we consume to satisfy the summer thirst is filled with empty calories that adds very little nutritional value to our bodies. Even fruit juice or iced tea are not always really healthier alternatives to carbonated soft drinks.


Drinking our 100% Carrot Juice, with its high content of carotenoids, will satisfy your thirst while helping to regulate your blood sugar levels. Drinking carrot juice 20 minutes before a meal will also help to stimulate your body’s digestive juices. This could come in very handy over festive family lunches.


Our own carrots undergo a world first extraction process that ruptures 95% of veggie cells, optimising the nutritional content of the juice. Combining the ‘Harvested Daily’ principle with extraction technology, Rugani Juice is a nutritionally superior product.


Have Rugani Juice at your festive table this year to give your family the gift of nutraceutical goodness.


Happy ( & healthy) holidays, from our family to yours!


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