Carrot juice’s amazing cancer-fighting properties

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It is generally agreed that one of the main factors leading to cancer in the human body is an acidic pH. Fortunately we are able to manipulate this factor and actively work to prevent and control cancer.



Cancers thrive in acidic environments


Cancer thrives in an acidic environment and cannot survive in an alkaline environment. Cancer cells make your body even more acidic as they produce lactic acid. So if you have cancer, your pH levels are low and your body is too acidic. Research has shown that terminal cancer patients have an acidity level of 1,000 times more than normal healthy people (a healthy pH is 7.4).  In more advanced cancer cases, the pH level falls further to 6.5 and can even fall to 6.0, 5.7 or lower.



How to move from acid to alkaline


In order to fight cancer or prevent it before it starts we need to maintain an alkaline environment. Our bodies simply cannot fight disease if our pH is not properly balanced.


Researchers at Harvard University found that younger women who ate two or more servings of carotenoid-rich fruits and vegetables a day (including oranges, broccoli, carrots, romaine lettuce, and spinach) had an 18% lower risk breast cancer than women who ate fewer than four servings a week. Carrots along with vegetable juices, parsley, raw spinach, broccoli, celery, garlic, romaine lettuce and barley grass are some of the alkaline producing foods that will give you the best results



The curative power of carrots


According to a recent study, a natural substance in raw carrots called falcarinol can significantly reduce a person’s risk of cancer. Studies have shown that falcarinol slows the growth of cancer cells, making cancer less likely to invade the body. The following story goes on to demonstrate, carrots amazing cancer-fighting properties:


Ann Cameron was diagnosed with colon cancer. She had an operation in June 2012, when the disease entered the third stage. It was not her first encounter with this cruel disease. She refused surgery and chemotherapy treatment. But after six months the control studies revealed that the cancer had spread to the lungs, and colon cancer, entered the fourth stage.


She claims that she dedicated her time on researching alternative cures to cancer and came across the story of Ralph Cole who was diagnosed with skin cancer at 26 years and according to his story he cured himself by consuming daily juice made of 2.5 kilograms of carrots.


She decided to drink carrot juice every day taking evenly doses throughout the day. As she claims, after eight weeks the medical studies revealed that the cancer had stopped spreading, the tumors began to shrink, as well as swelling in the lymph glands. After four months, her glands were back to normal and the cancer has continued to retreat. After eight months, a computed tomography scan showed that the cancer had disappeared.


The secret, apparently, is that carrot juice is rich in fatty alcohol and natural pesticide anticancer properties, and carotene from carrots helps prevent the creation of tumor cells.


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