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Rugani Juice’s secret ingredient is its freshness. Rugani promotes a lifestyle that encapsulates health and nutrition. By believing that it starts with practising sustainable farming through innovation and by marrying man and machine, they ensure the best processes are used to lead the industry.


With our unique agro-processing setup, we can process the juice close to where the fresh produce is grown. We grow the Rugani carrots and the other fresh ingredients come from neighbouring farms.


On the day of harvest, the veggies and fruit are transferred from the farms to the juicing facility, where the juice is extracted and aseptically packaged within one day. This enables us to produce a superior quality product that is made with fresh produce that is harvested at sunrise, juiced, and packed by sunset. It also ensures that the production chain is closely monitored as every carrot and beetroot counts.


The innovative Rugani juicing process ruptures 95% of plant cells, making the full nutritional benefits of any veggie or fruit more bioavailable to your body. It contains no added sugar and is preservative-free. It is also naturally gluten-free, naturally dairy-free, and vegan-friendly.


When opening the specially designed pack, you get to enjoy the freshness as if you had picked yourself.


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