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Most know turmeric as a spice used in curries and dishes, but behind this golden root lies more than just exotic flavour. This spice is filled with wonderful health properties, thanks to its curcumin content (a natural chemical component).


This has been used for centuries since ancient civilization up until the modern era as we know it today. Used in Ayurvedic medicine, Unani medical systems as well as western medicine, a few of the healing and symptom reducing properties, credited to curcumin, may include:


  • anti-cancer properties
  • help against Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease & reduced development of sclerosis
  • inflammatory disorders such as hepatitis & arthritis
  • blood purification
  • liver health
  • stomach & dental problems
  • bactericide, germicide, disinfectant
  • leach and insect bites
  • coughs & colds
  • skin conditions such as Tinea versicolor, patches, scabies, itching, eruptions, dermatitis, acne, rash, psoriasis & burn injuries
  • suppression of tumours
  • reduces inflammation
  • can suppress diabetes
  • block HIV replication
  • improve wound healing
  • help against Inflammatory Bowel Disease


Combined with our original classic 100% Rugani Carrot Juice, packed with beta-carotene (a rich source of vitamin A & a powerful antioxidant), this juice is a source of valuable nutrients to support your overall health. With such an impressive list of health benefits, it is of no surprise that we have created a Rugani 100% Turmeric Infused Carrot Juice for you to enjoy.


Finding these roots in their freshest forms is a difficult task. As soon as you uproot a carrot from the ground it pulls out all the stops to stay alive and it begins the radical process of using its resources to survive. At Rugani, we call this energy within a carrot “Life Force”. The whole idea of the life force is to capture it before it’s used up.


What makes Rugani Juice so special, is that because we are the farmers and the producers our juices are made from FRESHLY HARVESTED produce (not from concentrates), capturing maximum nutritional value. Our Rugani 100% Turmeric Infused Carrot Juice is also preservative-free, contains no added sugar, and is high in beta-carotene.


This goodness can be bought in on-the-go 330ml, as well as convenient 750ml long-life packs, for the whole family to enjoy.


As a result of the nutritional goodness of our 100% vegetable juices, they have been approved by the CANSA association as part of the CANSA Smart Choice Seal programme aimed at promoting healthier product choices that may aid in reducing consumer’s risk of developing cancer.


“The CANSA Smart Choice Seal is only awarded to products that fulfill our stringent evidence-based criteria (ingredients and nutrition). Rugani 100% vegetable juices are free of additives (no added sugar, water or preservatives) and are high in beta-carotene, all of which have been linked to many health benefits including cancer risk reduction.”- Lorinda van Dyk, CANSA





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