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As a family-owned business, run by two fathers, Rugani Juice understands the importance a father figure plays in each of our lives. Whether he is your biological father, foster or adoptive father, grandpas, an uncle, or older brother: he is often the individual who allows us to dig up a good old laugh, guiding us through life’s challenges and ultimately helping us to become better individuals.  Father’s Day allows us to stop and thank our fathers for the impact they have had on our lives.


However, some of us may find that a Father’s Day gift may require some thought, especially for the more mature individuals, as self-made crafts are perhaps, not quite as cute as they used to be. On top of that, 2020 has taken a “slight” unexpected curve and impacted our finances as well as increased our awareness of health in general.


Already feeling a bit overwhelmed?  Don’t stress we have (on your behalf) given Father’s Day some thought with everything that is going on:



Healthy Snack Hamper


Why not create an impressive health hamper for your dad with delicious savoury treats wrapped up in a beautiful ribbon?  In this way, you are gifting your dad with one of the things that are more important than money: better health. Because ultimately, keeping our fathers’ healthy means more joyful moments together!



Get your tekkies on


If you’re lucky enough to be together, make use of our newly founded morning fitness routines and let your legs lead the way. Whether you live in a built-up urban area or a rural village, there are bound to be some fabulous routes to explore and enjoy the quality time together (don’t forget to wear your masks!).



A quick & healthy breakfast


After your run, whip up a quick and healthy breakfast. Make use of that “World’s Best Dad” mug you bought him last year and treat him with our quick and delicious Carrot Mug Cake. Or start preparing our Purple Deviled Eggs the previous night, to brighten up his day and give him a much-needed protein boost.



Watch his favourite movies


If a walk isn’t his thing, pull out your pillows and blankets and watch your favourite movies or series on Netflix together.



Cook a lunch together


Nothing beats a home-cooked meal, especially if it means you can spend some quality time together and make new family memories. Try our hearty Lentil & Carrot Bolognaise (V) or spice things up with our Chicken, Sweet potato & Black Bean Chilli.



Video Call with the whole family


If you don’t live with dad, there are still ways to celebrate and share your day virtually. Whether you choose Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, TikTok, WhatsApp or Facebook, you will be able to at least see your (hopefully tech-savvy) dad smiling into the camera and tell him how much you appreciate him.


However you decide to spoil your dad this Father’s Day, spending quality time with him (even virtually), is the most precious gift you can give.


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